Bid Award

Contract: 24-05-0713, Heavy Equipment

Group: Warning and Mass Notification Systems

Item: 2491, Wanco, Truck Mount 25-Light Flashing & Sequential Arrow Patterns 30x60 Low Profile 90 Degree Power Tilt, WLP90B5-LSAC

Description: Some models may be listed within the option sheet as they may be considered to be an upgrade/downgrade to the base model listed. Please contact awarded vendor for additional information regarding these models.

Model Upgrade/Downgrade: Manufacturer`s standard base unit specifications and current model year for the model/model number listed. The required minimum 6% discount off MSRP is to be included in the listed base price field.

Zone Rank Vendor Price Percent
(Taken off MSRP for base price)
(Taken off MSRP for options)
Build File Options File
Nationwide Primary National Capital Industries $3,509.00 6.00% 6.00% Build Options