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City of Winter Park
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Total: 217
RFP5-21Preferred Catering ServicesActive
IFB16-21Purchase & Delivery of Liquid OxygenActive
IFB6-21Home Wiring Protection ServicesActive
IFB-14-2020Lot Cleaning ServicesAwarded
RFP-13-2020EMS Billing ServicesAwarded
IFB-12-2020Three-phase Padmount TransformersAwarded
RFP-11-2020Attorney ServicesCanceled
FQ-10-2020Magnolia Ave, Arbor Park Rd, Oneco Ave Drainage Project (Magnolia Ave Phase ONLY) Canceled
IFB-8-2020Purchase and Stocking of Single-Phase TransformersPending Award
FQ-5-2020Low Voltage Cable & Data Drop Installation ServicesAwarded
IFB-4-2020Traffic Signal Installation & MaintenanceAwarded
IFB-3-2020Auxiliary Generator MaintenanceAwarded
IFB-2-2020Air Compressors for Aloma & Magnolia Water PlantsAwarded
RFP-1-2020Cost of Service Study & Rate Design for Electric UtilityCanceled
RFP-18-2019 Design, Install, Configure & Maintain Audio Visual SystemsAwarded
IFB-24-2019Plumbing ServicesAwarded
IFB-25-2019Painting Services (Rebid)Awarded
RFP-23-2019External Audit ServicesAwarded
RFP-22-2019Community Center ChillerAwarded
IFB-21-2019Demolition of Progress Point Property (Rebid)Awarded