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City of Winter Park
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RFP-17-2018Tennis Programming and Instructional ServicesActive
IFB-16-2018Pad-Mounted SwitchgearsUnder Evaluation
RFQ-11-2018Repair and Construction ServicesUnder Evaluation
ITN-15-2018Fiber Optic Connectivity for City FacilitiesAll bids rejected
IFB-7-2018Dredging ServicesUnder Evaluation
RFP-5-2018Emergency Debris Management ServicesUnder Evaluation
IFB-13-2018Purchase of Concrete MaterialsCanceled
IFB-9-2018Nitrogen Boost Compressed Air System & ServicesPending Award
IFB-8-2018Deep Cleaning of Outdoor RestroomsCanceled
RFQ-10-2018Continuing Contract for Professional Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting ServicesPending Award
IFB-6-2018Cooper Outdoor LED LightingAwarded
RFP-4-2018Emergency Debris Monitoring ServicesPending Award
RFP-3-2018Continuing Contract for General Planning ServicesAwarded
IFB-2-20183-Phase Padmount TransformersAwarded
IFB-1-2018Purchase of Concrete Materials (REBID)Awarded
IFB-28-2017Purchase of Concrete MaterialsClosed / Completed
IFB-18-2017Lake Sylvan Stormwater Outfall Water Quality StructureAwarded
IFB-19-2017Lee Road Stormwater Outfall Water Quality StructureAwarded
NOD-25-20171111 W. Fairbanks Ave.Closed / Completed
RFP-24-2017Printing & Mailing ServicesAwarded