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City of Winter Park
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Total: 257
IFB2-22Cady Way Pool FilterCanceled
RFP18-22Lease & Reimagine City-Owned Building and Property at 460 E. New England AvenueActive
RFP19-22Shady Park Call for ArtistsActive
FQ14-22Referees & Scorekeepers for Recreation Sports ProgramsActive
RFP15-22Broadband and Smart City Initiatives Consultant ServicesActive
IFB17-22200 Amp Padmount SwitchgearsActive
IFB16-223PH TransformersActive
IFB10-22Purchase and Installation of BricksAwarded
RFP12-22City of Winter Park`s Roadmap to Renewable ResourcesPending Award
IFB5-22Athletic Field Maintenance and Laserfield Leveling for ParksAwarded
RFP6-22Salary Survey Consulting ServicesPending Award
RFP11-22Concession Management Services for Winter Pines Golf CourseAwarded
IFB4-22Pressure Washing Services for City Facilities and LocationsAwarded
RFP3-22Central Park Stage Enhancement ProjectAwarded
RFQ7-22Transportation Planning & Engineering ServicesAwarded
IFB8-22Purchase, Delivery, & Installation of Sod REBIDCanceled
IFB1-22Purchase, Delivery, & Installation of SodCanceled
IFB9-21Generator for Community CenterAwarded
IFB28-21Purchase of 15kV Pad Mounted Switches and 3-Phase Padmount TransformersAwarded
LOI30-21United States Post Office Relocation PropertyUnder Evaluation