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City of Winter Park
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Contract NumberTitleName of Business Entity or Individual 
SS-9-2017 Sole-Source: Olympic UniformsOlympic Uniforms View
SS-8-2017 Sole-Source: Stephens Technologies, Inc.Stephens Technologies, Inc. View
SS-4-2017 Sole-Source: Duval Asphalt Products, Inc.Duval Asphalt View
SS-31-2017 Sole-Source: Carl Eric Johnson, Inc.Carl Eric Johnson, Co. View
SS-25-2017 Sole-Source: Fluid Components InternationalFluid Components Intl View
SS-22-2017 Sole-Source: CUES, Inc.Cues, Inc. View
SS-2-2017 Sole-Source: Iteris, Inc.Iteris View
SS-20-2017 Sole-Source: RexelRexel View
SS-19-2017 Sole-Source: SUEZ Treatment Solutions, Inc.Suez Treatment Solutions, Inc. View
SS-17-2017 Sole-Source: Xylem Water SolutionsXylem Water Solutions View
SS-16-2017Sole-Source: Data Flow Systems, Inc.Data Flow Systems View
SS-15-2017 Sole-Source: HD Supply WaterworksHD Supply Waterworks View
SS-14-2017 Sole-Source: Fluid Control Specialties, Inc.Fluid Control Specialists, Inc. View
SS-13-2017 Sole-Source: Environmental Products of FloridaEnvironmental Products of Florida View
SS-1-2017 Sole-Source: StarTraqStarTraq View
SS-11-2017Sole-Source: AWC, Inc.AWC, Inc. View
SS-10-2017 Sole-Source: GE Infrastructure SensingGE Infrastructure Sensing View
RFQ-9-2019Continuing Contract for Professional MEP Engineering ServicesSGM Engineering, Inc. View
RFQ-9-2019Continuing Contract for Professional MEP Engineering ServicesCalvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. View
RFQ-9-2014 Shady Park Pavilion Tripp Contracting Corporation View