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Agency Division
City of Oviedo Purchasing
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NumberTitleStatusDue date 
22-32Biosolids (Sludge) Treatment and Disposal ServicesActive 7/26/2022
22-30Generator Maintenance and Repair ServicesActive 7/21/2022
22-31Geotechnical ServicesActive 7/21/2022
22-25Pool Liner ReplacementPending Award 6/23/2022
22-26Oviedo Sports Complex Field RenovationsCanceled 6/14/2022
22-29Chemrite Chlorine MembraneClosed / Completed 6/7/2022
22-28Rhythm EngineeringClosed / Completed 5/26/2022
22-24Geothermal Pool Heater Replacement Awarded 5/12/2022
22-23Professional Surveying ServicesAwarded 3/31/2022
22-22Disaster Debris Monitoring ServicesAwarded 3/29/2022
22-21Disaster Debris Removal ServicesAwarded 3/17/2022
22-19Professional Hydrogeological Investigation, Evaluation and Monitoring ServicesAwarded 3/3/2022
22-04Pressure Washing ServicesAwarded 11/18/2021
22-03Banking ServicesAwarded 10/26/2021
22-02Landscape Architect ServicesAwarded 10/8/2021
21-18Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Executive Director Canceled 9/24/2021
21-16Professional Planning Services for the City of Oviedo`s Land Development Code UpdateAwarded 9/3/2021
21-07West Mitchell Hammock WTP Improvements 2018Awarded 9/2/2021
21-12Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Executive Director Canceled 8/26/2021
21-17Self-Propelled Boom LiftAwarded 8/26/2021