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Agency Division
City of Oviedo Purchasing
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NumberTitleStatusDue date 
19-36Plant ChemicalsActive 7/30/2019
19-35Design and Engineering Services for Phase 3 Public Works Complex ImprovementsActive 7/26/2019
19-34Geotechnical ServicesUnder Evaluation 6/10/2019
19-28Landscaping Improvements on SR434 Between Smith Street and East Franklin StreetCanceled 6/4/2019
19-32Property and Casualty InsuranceUnder Evaluation 5/20/2019
19-33Chartered Bus Service For Recreation ProgramsAwarded 5/3/2019
19-31Wood Street ExtensionAwarded 4/16/2019
19-30External Independent Auditing ServicesAwarded 4/5/2019
19-29Utility System and General Financial ServicesAwarded 3/6/2019
RFQ 19-27Professional Traffic Engineering and Transportation Consulting ServicesAwarded 2/11/2019
19-24Professional Surveying ServicesAwarded 1/22/2019
19-22Ready Mix ConcreteAwarded 11/27/2018
18-35Professional Environmental Consulting Services Awarded 10/19/2018
18-34Ready Mix ConcreteCanceled 9/26/2018
18-33Professional Hyrdroeological Investigation, Evaulation and Monitoring ServicesAwarded 8/31/2018
18-31Temporary Staffing ServicesAwarded 8/29/2018
18-27Little Creek Outfall Washout RestorationAwarded 7/31/2018
18-28Live Oak Reserve Retention Pond Breach RestorationAwarded 7/31/2018
RFQ 18-24Landscape Architect ServicesAwarded 6/8/2018
18-22Asphalt Resurfacing of Various City Streets - Fiscal Year 2017-2018Awarded 3/6/2018