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City of Murfreesboro
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AgencyNumberTitleStatusBroadcast dateDue date 
City of Murfreesboro ITB-26-2017 SportsCom Outdoor Pool Slide and Play Feature RepairsUnder Evaluation 12/26/2016 1/9/2017
City of MurfreesboroRFCSP-17-2017Workers` Compensation Third Party AdministratorUnder Evaluation 12/5/2016 1/6/2017
City of MurfreesboroITB-21-2017Sports*Com Pool Slide & Water Feature Repairs Canceled 12/5/2016 12/19/2016
City of MurfreesboroRFQ-21-2017Construction Manager at Risk Airport Terminal BuildingUnder Evaluation 11/3/2016 12/12/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-19-2017 Landscape Maintenance for Parks and RecreationUnder Evaluation 11/10/2016 12/2/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-18-2017Washer ExtractorsAwarded 11/7/2016 11/30/2016
City of MurfreesboroBid Advertisement 11PipingUnder Evaluation 11/21/2016 11/29/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-20-2017SportsCom Outdoor Pool Slide and Play Feature RepairsCanceled 11/10/2016 11/28/2016
City of MurfreesboroRFQ-14-2017CMR Public Safety Training Center Under Evaluation 10/13/2016 11/18/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-16-2017Stop-Loss InsuranceUnder Evaluation 10/24/2016 11/18/2016
City of MurfreesboroPublic Meeting NoticeCherry Lane Phase 2 & 3Closed / Completed 10/26/2016 11/15/2016
City of MurfreesboroRFCSP-15-2017100 Foot Aerial Platform Fire ApparatusUnder Evaluation 10/17/2016 11/14/2016
City of MurfreesboroBid Advertisement 9Community Technology Center - Limbaugh Public LibraryUnder Evaluation 10/10/2016 11/3/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-13-2017 Roll-Out ContainersUnder Evaluation 10/17/2016 11/2/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-12-2017Mowing ServicesAwarded 10/3/2016 10/17/2016
City of MurfreesboroBid Advertisement 7Renovations To Urban & Environmental Building - Re-BidUnder Evaluation 9/12/2016 10/11/2016
City of MurfreesboroITB-11-2017Old Fort Park Tennis Court ResurfacingAwarded 9/26/2016 10/10/2016
City of MurfreesboroAdvertisement 8Classroom AdditionUnder Evaluation 9/12/2016 10/6/2016
City of MurfreesboroRFCSP-08-2017Employee Benefits ConsultantAwarded 8/30/2016 9/28/2016
City of MurfreesboroRFCSP-10-2017Video Camera Surveillance SystemCanceled 9/12/2016 9/26/2016