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NumberTitleStatusDue date 
RFP-2021-0817Utility Customer Portal SoftwareAwarded 3/3/2022
ITB-2022-0839 PW 2113 Municipal Way Parking Lot ExpansionAwarded 1/18/2022
ITB-2022-0826PW 2007 Sausalito Force Main ReplacementAwarded 11/18/2021
ITB-2021-0812PW 1805 Lake Kathryn Circle Complete Street ImprovementsAwarded 11/18/2021
ITB-2021-0791PW 1807 17/92 Water Main Looping (SR 436 to Ridge Road)Awarded 10/5/2021
ITB-2021-0790PW 1814 South Plant Well #1 ModificationAwarded 9/16/2021
RFI-2021-0809Business Tax Receipt AssessmentClosed / Completed 9/15/2021
ITB-2021-0782Bowling Alley Demolition - 115 Wilshire BoulevardClosed / Completed 8/2/2021
ITB-2021-0753Surge Pump InstallationClosed / Completed 7/28/2021
RFP-2021-0764Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Rate StudyAwarded 7/15/2021
ITB-2020-0688437479-1 Casselberry Elementary (PW 1605) and 442861-1 Quail Pond Circle (PW 1701)Closed / Completed 6/15/2021
ITB-2020-0684PW 1602 Water Reclamation Workshop RehabAwarded 6/10/2021
RFP-2021-0707Accounting ServicesAwarded 6/8/2021
RFP-2021-0708Auditing ServicesAwarded 4/6/2021
ITB-2021-0734PW 2011 Lift Station 31 Bend-in-the-Road RenovationAwarded 3/16/2021
RFQ-2021-0751Perfect Fry - Model PFC 570-240Closed / Completed 3/1/2021
ITB-2021-0701Lake Hodge Park and Marigold Trailhead Decking ReplacementClosed / Completed 2/16/2021
SOQ-2021-0714Construction Manager at Risk (CMaR) for Police Department ComplexAwarded 1/20/2021
SOQ-2021-0715Construction Manager at Risk for Parks Construction ProjectsAwarded 1/12/2021
RFQ-2021-0706N95 Respirator Mask - FDA ApprovedClosed / Completed 10/26/2020