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24-08Intersection Improvements - 1. North Lockwood Right Turn Lane; 2. Mitchell Hammock Road Westbound Left Turn Lane Extension at Alafaya Woods Boulevard; 3. Lockwood Boulevard and Mitchell Hammock Road Left Turn ImprovementActive 1/11/2024
24-06Riverside Park Restoration ProjectActive 12/12/2023
24-05Boston Cemetery RoadActive 12/12/2023
24-04Drainage Repairs for Little CreekPending Award 11/16/2023
24-09Volute* TechnologyClosed / Completed 11/14/2023
24-03Urban SDKClosed / Completed 10/23/2023
23-65Riverside Pool Restoration ProjectAwarded 9/28/2023
23-63Asphalt Resurfacing of Various City Streets Fiscal Year 2022-2023Pending Award 9/19/2023
23-64Gymnasium HVAC Renewal and ReplacementAwarded 9/14/2023
23-61Professional Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Consulting ServicesAwarded 9/7/2023
23-60Professional Environmental Consulting ServicesAwarded 8/29/2023
23-50Temporary Staffing ServicesAwarded 8/24/2023
23-49Public Notice Sale of City Owned Surplus Real PropertyClosed / Completed 7/27/2023
23-62VeloBlendClosed / Completed 7/21/2023
23-59ExtendobedClosed / Completed 7/17/2023
23-54Electrician ServicesAwarded 7/13/2023
23-53Ultimate BaggerClosed / Completed 6/27/2023
23-51McKinnon Avenue Ditch Interim Repairs - Gould Place Ditch OutfallAwarded 6/22/2023
23-52McKinnon Avenue Ditch Interim Repairs - Ditch to Pond 140Awarded 6/22/2023
23-48Drainage Repairs for the Alafaya Woods Sugarberry Pond OutfallAwarded 6/15/2023